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The Gossip Gays

Apr 5, 2019

Episode 6 is here, and this week The Gossip Gays are feeling their best selves! They talk Porn Star crushes, falling for friends, and whether or not Ariana Grande is Bisexual?!
This week also sees the Boys launch their brand new competition in partnership with 'What A Drag UK'! Listen in to find out how YOU can win a £100 voucher to spend on some sickening supplies, from lashes to lace fronts!!
Fancy getting involved in the show?? If you wanna hear the Gossip Gays' opinions on a sensitive subject, if you're in desperate need of advice, or if you just feel like sharing some JUICY gossip, drop the boys a DM @thegossipgayz on all socials, and get the conversation started!